Create a Project

Create a Project

Creating projects is a very simple 5-step process, which requires 2 inputs from you; the project name and the project topic.

  • Name - Any name of your liking, ideally something unique and recognisable so that you don't get lost after you've created multiple projects.

  • Topic - The topic of your project defines the initial keywords and targets that will be automatically fetched. It is also used when generating more keywords, so make sure the topic is a short phrase (or even a single word) that best describes your project.

Step 1

Click the 'New Project' button on the top left of the home page

New Project button

Step 2

Enter the project name and topic

Creating a new project modal

Step 3

Click on the newly created project card

New project card

Step 4

Click the 'Populate with data' button on the center of your screen

Populate with data button

Step 5

After a few seconds, VEN will fetch and populate the appropriate data.

Congrats, you've created your first project!

Explore the rest of our documentation to understand how to expand and utilise this data.

New project page with populated data