The scores displayed are designed to both quickly and easily show users how much content a target website has created that matches a particular keyword within a project.

VEN uses a colour coding system to express scores:

🟩High Score
🟨Average Score
🟧Average Score
🟥Low Score

When looking at the scoring table the actual score is less relevant than the colour in comparison to the other chosen targets. If every target has green scores for all of the keywords it means that there are no ‘unmet need’ from the current keyword selection, it means that this is a noisy and saturated market place, and if you choose to use these keywords you are less likely to be found or heard amongst the noise (volume of available content online). The trick therefore is to exhaustively explore new/alternative relevant market keywords until you find ‘un-met need’ in the form of red scores, especially if they are high volume searches.

Video Explainer

Here's a quick video explaining how the scoring system works in VEN.