What are Projects?

What are Projects?

Projects are what users create to investigate a particular topic. As the user explores keywords generated in relation to that topic and the associated competitor (target) website content that matches those keywords, VEN captures everything under that project title to a project card which will remain on the users home page until deleted. This means that the user can revisit previous projects at any time. There is no limit to the number of projects created by a user which means that the user can build out existing projects or explore many different topics.

It is likely that ‘previous project’ results will become inaccurate over time, as website content is constantly changing according with the market place and keyword volumes will alter as customer search trends change. It is therefore important when revisiting previous projects to consider ‘refreshing’ the data using the star button in the top right in order to get the most up top date data on that project (You may wish to export the original data before doing this in order to spot changes after refreshing)

New projects allow users to understand the marketplace in that moment. Keywords associated with the chosen topic are automatically generated when the ‘Populate with data’ button is clicked the results of which begin to tell a customer / marketplace story by telling the user the most common to least common searched for keywords associated with that topic.

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