Refresh Data

Refresh Project Data

VEN fetches data about your keywords and targets whenever you create a new project, but sometimes you might want to ask VEN to update these data to the latest values due to multiple reasons.

A few of the reasons to refresh your project data might be:

  1. You might revisit a project that was created a long time ago. It's important to update the data to the latest values to make sure you deduce information using current information.

  2. When you create a project your data might be affected by one time events. You would probably want to update your data after these events happen, to make sure you have values as close to the real values as possible.

    • An example of this could be creating a project about soft drinks (or Pepsi more specifically) right when the Superbowl happens. Your data will probably be skewed because Pepsi is the main sponsor of Superbowl, a huge event in the United States. If your project is not about the Superbowl, it would be appropriate to update your project's data a few days/weeks after the Superbowl ends to make sure your data is as accurate as possible.

To refresh (or update) your project's data, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to your project

New project card

Step 2

Click on the refresh icon on the top right of your project page


Important Note: Before refreshing your project's data, make sure you export any current data you might need.

Refresh data button

Step 3

Wait for a few seconds for VEN to fetch the latest data.


After you've refreshed a project's data, you can see the last updated date under the refresh button. Use that as a reference whenever you want to see when each project was created or updated.